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Abraham - 8 week syllabus

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An 8 week series covering the story of Abraham and his wife Sarah! There are times in Abraham’s story where he takes big steps of faith, trusting God and building altars as a reminder of God’s goodness to him along the way. In between these positive moments there are huge waves of doubt and panic where Abraham takes matters into his own hands.

This series includes some of the less told parts of his story so that we can see this journey of doubt and faith. We want children to know that moments of doubt in their own journey are normal, we might not always understand why God chooses to move in the ways he does, but we can choose to be patient and to trust him even during these times.

Each week has a teaching point, discussion starters, a game, craft, memory verse and spiritual training activity. Also included: Faith at Home booklets to give out each week including a Family Chat and Challenge, Activity Sheet and 'Going Deeper' Bible Study.

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