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Pentecost - Stand-alone lesson

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Unleash the power and significance of Pentecost with our dynamic curriculum. Crafted as a stand-alone lesson, this curriculum from Foundationstones Resources is enriched with captivating resources including crafts, games, teaching materials, object lessons, and opportunities to encounter God.

What to Expect:

  • Engaging three craft activities that reinforce the lesson's themes and mean you can use these materials multiple times!
  • Fun and interactive games that deepen understanding.
  • Teaching materials that illuminate the significance of Pentecost.
  • Object lessons that make spiritual truths tangible.
  • Moments for encountering God in a personal and meaningful way.

Faith at Home Materials: Equip families to continue the Pentecost journey at home with our faith at home materials, fostering spiritual growth and family connection.

Memory Verse Coloring Sheet: Make scripture memorization enjoyable with our memory verse coloring sheet, blending creativity with spiritual development.

Embark on a transformative journey through Pentecost with Foundationstones Resources Curriculum!

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