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Leading like Gideon

Here is an adapted version of a post I originally shared for World Mental Health Day on the Together at Home Facebook group.

This week in our Together at Home Judges story we are exploring the story of Gideon and the Midianites. Here are three lessons for all of you who are serving families and fighting on during these unusual times.

Gideon was anxious, he had doubts, he continually sought reassurance that he was doing the right thing. I'm sure we've all had those feelings during this season. Whenever Gideon went back to God he received reassurance and signs of God's support. If you are feeling uncertain about your plans moving forward go once again to God, He never gets bored of telling us how proud He is of what we are doing or reminding us that He is our biggest supporter.

The first group Gideon was told to send home were those who were afraid. Why not use today to check in with those in your team. In the midst of this Pandemic there will be some people who are afraid, who might not be ready to meet in person yet or who are struggling with their own mental health and perhaps haven't been able to engage as much as you would have liked. Trust God to help pick up the slack and give them space and support for self care.

When it came to the battle God did all the work! He had already gone ahead of Gideon's army and put fear into the Midianites! What did the army do? They let their light shine and sounded a trumpet for God! All we need to do is the same - don't worry if you aren't offering the most flashy events or programmes - let your light shine and share God's love in a dark and scary world. Blow the trumpets and point people to the God who is bigger than all our fears and bigger than any virus!

I am so blessed and encouraged by the number of people who have joined this group who are seeking new ways to support children and families. Take some time for YOU today, you are valuable and loved and AMAZING!

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