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Ready for a new term!

Matthew 19 v 14

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to people who are like these children.”

The start of a new term is always exciting as a children and families worker, an opportunity to regroup and adjust to meet the needs of those in your teaching spaces. We’ve just done a huge reshuffle in our church adapting to almost all of our ‘creche’ age children moving up to primary school. Like many churches and schools we’re also adapting to increased numbers of children with additional needs, working to create spaces and teaching times where they can engage, feel safe and connect with God.

Here’s some of the things in our new spaces which just make sense!

1) Visual Timetables

Visual timetables are a great way help the whole group keep track of what is happening, it’s welcoming for new children, comforting to those with additional needs and as a leader... it keeps me on task! My timetable will always include a slot to build Bible Literacy asking simply – where in the Bible does this come from and what type of writing is it!

We recommend the amazing work of the Additional Needs Alliance if you are seeking ways to better support those in your own communities with additional needs.

2) A Bible Timeline and Exploring the Bible Poster

Here at Foundationstones Resources we love a Bible Timeline and Poster! It’s so helpful to build confidence in exploring the Bible, knowing how stories fit into God’s big story, whether they are about events before, during or after Jesus’ time on the earth and what type of writing it is.

Pick up yours here:

3) Encounter Resources

Our teaching spaces are equipped with materials to help children encounter God in dynamic and exciting ways – images and identity stickers to inspire time catching messages from God, magnetic words, post-its, inflatable globes... you can use whatever you have around to create prayer stations.

4) Craft materials that reflect diversity

Each one of us is loved by God and made in God’s image, we are exactly who God intended us to be! Providing pens, pencils and crayons which reflect a diverse range of skin tones is a simple way to share this message with the children in your group. We love the “Colours of the World” pens from Crayola and the lovely skin tone papers available from Baker Ross.

Use the code BAKER923 all through September to save 5% on all orders and donate 5% to our friends at Parenting for Faith, BRF.

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